Enoch Spinks

I believe Enoch Spinks to have been born in the early 1700's in northern Virginia, across the line from current Washington, DC, but just who his parents were is debatable. He would not have been son of John Spinks and Rosamond Corbin of Fairfax Co., VA, because John listed an Enoch in his will of 1778 and Enoch of NC had passed away by that time. I have seen claims that Enoch was son of John Spinks of Ware Paris, Gloucester Co., VA, though I have seen no proof of that. One strong possibility is that Enoch was son of Enoch and Grace of VA and was brother of my John Spinks who married Rosamond Corbin.

For certain, Enoch Spinks married Amy and they lived a long a prosperous life along Deep River in what is currently Randolph County, NC. I have read that his will in his own "beautiful hand-writing" still exists. It is recorded in Guilford Co., NC, Willbook Vol. 1, p. 320. Gravestones for Enoch and Amy do not exist today, but I believe them to be buried in an old cemetery associated with Mt. Olivet Methodist Church in Randolph Co. where the graves of a number of their children can be found.

I am not certain of Amy's maiden name. Speculation has been that she was a Pierce or a Lewis, based on the names of children and grandchildren.

The children of Enoch Spinks and Amy known to me are:

  1. John Spinks, d. 1800 in Lincoln Co., GA. m. Sarah Baker

  2. Martha Spinks, m. 23 FEB 1773 Arthur Reade.

  3. Enoch Spinks, b. 25 May 1762, d. 18 AUG 1842, m. 15 APR 1784 Elizabeth Needham. Enoch Spinks became a Methodist minister, founding, in 1813, Mt. Olivet Church in Randolph Co., NC. He and Elizabeth are buried in a cemetery assoicated with that church.

  4. Lewis Spinks. Married Mary Pearce in NC. He was a North Carolina state senator in 1811. In Clarke Co., AL, there are historical records of one Lewis Spinks, a licensed preacher, coming from NC to teach school in the northern part of the county during the period 1825 to 1830. No proof that this is Lewis, son of Enoch; however, there is proof that a number of Enoch's children did come to Clarke county during this time period. There is sketchy information that Lewis spent at least part of his life in Miss.

  5. Raleigh Spinks, b. NC

  6. Garrett Spinks.

  7. Sarah Spinks.