The Bartlett Yancey Home

    On Sunday, December 6, 1998, the Caswell County Historical Association, Inc. held an open house of a number of old buildings and homes near Yanceyville, NC. Included was a home originally built by Bartlett Yancey in the early 1800's. My wife and I went up for the event, enjoyed ourselves immensely, took some pictures and made some notes. This is a documentation of some of what we saw at the Bartlett Yancey home.

    The Home is located at 699 US Highway 158, several miles west of Yanceyville, NC. It has been refurbished and furnished in 1800 pieces. Among the pieces is a beautiful walnut dining room table, made in the early 1800's by one Thomas Day, a free African-American of the Caswell Co. area. It was told that Thomas Day also made the banister for the stairway to the second floor and some of the molding in the living room.

    Pictures of Bartlett and his wife, Anne, are located in an upper bedroom.

    The family cemetery still exists in fair condition on the property. Bartlett's stone (Feb. 19, 1785 to Aug. 30, 1828) and Anne's stone (Dec. 3, 1786 to Aug. 8, 1855) are there along with several of their children.

    The Bartlett Yancey home is currently (Dec. 1998) owned by Lester and Carol Sadler.

    Bartlett Yancey was born in Yanceyville, NC, son of Bartlett Yancey, who was son of James Yancey and Ann/Elizabeth Thornton. James Yancey was son of Charles Yancey and Miss. Bartlett, who brought the Bartlett name into the Yancey genealogy. Bartlett Yancey, was nephew of Col. Thornton Yancey, who I believe to be my direct ancestor.

    Albert H. Spinks
    December 8, 1998