Jackson M. Yancey's Signatures

Jackson M. Yancey's Signatures

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In Sterling Yancey Bible------------------From Granville Co., NC, Court Records

As many of you are aware, there is an entry for one Jackson M. Yancey in the Sterling Yancey Bible. I read it as:

"Jackson M. Yancey, son of James Yancey, was born ? October" (and the rest has been erased or was never clear).

To my knowledge, up until now noone has proven that this is the Jackson M. Yancey who married Elizabeth Goode. Several days ago, Paschall McNeil, a descendent of Jackson M. and Elizabeth Goode Yancey, sent me a Xerox copy of a court record from Granville Co. that contains a signature by Jackson M. Yancey. A copy of the Bible entry, along with the court record signature, is shown above. I believe both scripts were made by the same person. I am no expert but look at the form of the k in Jackson, and note the middle initial, M. To me, these two letter are unique in form. What do you think?

So, this proves that one Jackson M. Yancey made the Bible entry himself, and that his father was James Yancey, and that he was born in October. Why he was the one who made the Bible entry, we can only speculate. Evidently, he was closely tied to the Sterling Yancey family, and MAYBE he was raised by Sterling and wife Elizabeth Williams.

I guess this in itself doesn't prove that this is the Jackson M. Yancey who married Elizabeth Goode. However, it most likely is, for there appears to be only one Jackson M. Yancey in the records, and the time period fits.

Thanks to Pashall McNeil for his excellent research.

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March 9, 1999